About us

Aurelio Garcia Imports based in Miami, Florida was founded in 1981 by Aurelio Garcia, who came to the United States in the 1960’s as a young Cuban exile. After working for several years for an important Italian shoe company, Aurelio decided to follow his dream of creating unique designs of high fashion men shoes. Since then, Aurelio has searched the world over for the finest leathers and exotic skins to handcraft his shoes.

Under his guidance he has carefully directed the manufacture of his hand sewn private label, Aurelio Garcia, as well as other fine brand names such as FIESSO by Aurelio Garcia and ENCORE, delivering always the best quality with the latest fashion.

Since the year 1999 Aurelio has been the exclusive distributor of PINOSO’S - a leading brand of hand sewn by artisan craftsmen line of comfort shoes for men and women manufactured in Spain. , These shoes feature a sole unit designed and patented exclusively by Pinoso’s, “LAT-AIR” anatomically made with leading technology and using only natural materials, LATEX and AIR BUBBLES. The combination of quality materials such as lamb kid skin together with the craftsmanship, produce a great sensation of wellbeing and comfort. Many of these styles fit the criteria of Medicare for diabetics use.

Aurelio Garcia is very proud that his shoes are sold and worn by men and women on five continents.